Update 2.2.0 KABAL

Mortal Kombat Mobile Update 2.2.0

How to get MK Mobile KABAL?

When is the challenge?

What are the challenge Requirements?


MK11 Kabal early access pack will be available from September 12th. If you try to unlock the player or use any 3rd party apps your account will be suspended permanently , the only legit way to unlock MK11 KABAL is to wait until then. You can also unlock MK11 KABAL by completing the Elder Challenge which will be available from October 3rd. We have shared the Elder Challenge Requirements for MK11 KABAL so make sure you have the required players to complete the MK Mobile KABAL challenge.

When MK11 Kabal tags-in, he gains speed increase and stuns the opponent with his dash.

When an MK11 teammate is stunned, Kabal will attempt to stun the opponent and remove stun from his teammate.

When an MK11 teammate is defeated, Kabal will tag-in and if unlocked, will perform his Fatal Blow attack.

Special 1
Attack: Medium damage + Snare

Special 2
Dash and Hook
Grapple: High Damage + Slow

Special 3
Around the World
Fatal Blow Attack: Extreme damage + Power

Team MK11 Kabal Gameplay

Kabal Equipment RESPIRATOR (Maxed)
Critical damage received is reduced by 50%.
[KABAL] 30% Health Regen over 15s after 15s after X-Ray/Fatal Blow attacks
Lethal Blow damage received is reduced by 75%

MK11 KABAL Elder Challenge Requirements

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